Smart rodent traps

TrapSensor offers electronic mouse and rat snap traps with a built-in remote monitoring system, which allows Pest Control Operators to keep an overview of the rodent activity at all their customers’ sites 24/7.

Rat trap and smartphone with TrapSensor app

Green & efficient pest control

User friendly

User friendly

Using TrapSensor is as intuitive as checking your mail



The TrapSensor server monitors the devices for you



Review the communication log for each monitor separately

integrated pest

Monitoring rodent activity by traditional means is cumbersome and time-delayed, as on-site visits are needed by exterminators. By using TrapSensor electronic snap traps for rodent monitoring, PCOs will immediately be notified, when rodents are detected at the customer’s site and where the detection exactly took place. At the same time the rodent infestation is already tackled in the beginning. With real-time data about catches, you can plan rodent control strategies more precisely and thus provide more efficient prevention and extermination services to your customers. It is easy to keep an overview when using TrapSensor smart traps and you can share information transparently with your clients. Transparency about your pest control measures will make customers trust your extermination service and rely on your expertise in the long term.

Green non-tox solution

Green non-tox

Mechanical rodent traps can be placed at the clients’ sites for long-term surveillance and strategic infestation prevention without a need to prove any acute hazard, so that you can establish an early warning system. If rodent activity is detected, the rat or mouse will get killed instantly, so that a further spread could be immediately prevented. Digital rodent monitoring tools like TrapSensor are a great alternative to rodenticides, as dead rodents can easily be located, which makes them perfectly suitable for sensitive industries. Such clients that have a zero-tolerance for rodent activity and often demand non-toxic pest control solutions include the food and pharmaceutical industry, restaurants, the hotel sector, facility management and building owners.

Clients about us


We are extremely pleased with the quality and service that we receive from TrapSensor/Alert House.
The system is simple, easily managed through the online portal and reasonably priced. Improvements are being made to the quality and functionality of the traps continuously and customer service is excellent.

We have no hesitation in recommending these traps to any business looking for an affordable remote monitoring system.

Jan de Moel, Director, Orkin Pest Control Nederland


TrapSensor is the most user friendly solution of all trap monitoring systems which I have tested.
This product makes my pest management super efficient.

Henrik Andersen, ”Rottemanden”, Slagelse kommune


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