Privacy Policy

Last updated: 01. August 2019

Purpose & who we are

The Data Controller of and its associated websites and mobile applications is Alert House ApS. Alert House ApS is a company with the principal place of business at Høffdingsvej 34, 2500 Valby, Denmark. Alert House ApS (herein after referred to as "Alert House," "us," "we," and "our") respects your privacy as well as the confidentiality of your personal data and content.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to describe how we gather, use and share information about you through our online interfaces (e.g. websites and mobile applications, herein after referred to as “Services”) owned and controlled by us. By visiting and using TrapSensor Services, you agree with the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

How and why Alert House gets Personally Identifiable Information

Order placement & fulfillment

For processing an order, shipping items and verifying payments we need to collect Personally Identifiable Information that you give us, that is your name, address, telephone number, email address and/or PayPal email address.

In order to offer you the option to pay by credit card, we use the payment services by Stripe Inc., 185 Berry Street, Suite 550, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA („Stripe“). If you enter credit card payment data into the assigned field in the check-out form it will be sent directly to Stripe without us saving it. For more information about Stripe's use of the data see We are merely saving a Stripe token, so that we can verify your payment for order processing purposes. We have a data protection agreement with this company to ensure your data is securely handled.

We hand over some of your Personally Identifiable Information (name, address, telephone number and email address) to shipping service providers, as this is necessary to ensure that you receive all the items you order through us.

We reserve the right to operate with other business partners in future to improve the handling of your order.

We may also use automatic information relating to your use of our Service, such as cookies, for order placement. For example, cookies are used to remember which items you placed in the shopping cart, so that you can continue placing your order at a later time and order several different items in one order. Read more in the Cookies section of this Privacy Policy.

We collect Personally Identifiable Information for the purpose of Order placement and fulfillment on basis of article 6 paragraph 1 letter b GDPR.

Use of service

It is necessary for us to obtain and store your name, email addresses and/or phone numbers, that you submit when setting up an account or adjusting the personal settings on our Services to give you access to our Services and enable the notification functions, which you selected to use. If you chose to receive push notifications on your mobile device, we are also using a unique app download identifier that is submitted to us automatically when downloading the app, to be able to send notifications in this way. We collectively refer to this access to our system and our notification options as Use of service.

Our collection and storage of Personally Identifiable Information for the Use of service is based on article 6 paragraph 1 letter b GDPR.


We regard customer support as a way to fulfill the purchase contract originating from your order.

In order to offer you personalized customer support and respond to your questions in a timely and specific manner we may use and collect Personally Identifiable Information, specifically your name, address, email address and/or phone number. All of this information is given to us by you. Without you providing us with some of this information we may not be able to offer you help. While most of the Personally Identifiable Information is required to obtain technical information, retrace shipments, relate payments to your order or the like, giving your phone number is optional. Your phone number will be used to reach you faster and discuss your case personally, if you wish so.

Telephone numbers are collected and stored on the basis of article 6 paragraph 1 letter a. By adding your telephone number in the settings of your profile or if you include your telephone number in emails, messages on Social Media (Facebook) or mail that you send to us or tell your telephone number to one of our employees on a phone call or in a face-to-face meeting, you give your consent that we are allowed to use and store your phone number for the purpose of Support.

The collection and storage of all other Personally Identifiable Information for the purpose of Support is based on article 6 paragraph 1 letter b GDPR.

Server administration & security

We store your IP address in log files for up to 30 days to prevent and be able to quickly respond to fraud, abuse or other security issues and to ensure that our servers perform as they should. We base the collection of Personally Identifiable Information for Security purposes on article 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR, as we have a legitimate interest to store this data and incidents from the past suggest that the time span of storing the data is appropriate so ensure security for both our company and our customers using our Services.


We may use Google Analytics to collect demographic and interest data about you, such as age range, gender and interests, in order to improve our Services and provide you with relevant content. We do not use this information to personally identify you, but rather look at aggregated data to identify related topics of interest around our product and Services, to provide you with helpful information and also relevant support content. You can read more about what data Google Analytics stores here and find general information about cookies and how you can disable them further down in this Privacy Policy.

The collection and storage of Personally Identifiable Information for the purpose of Marketing is based on article 6 paragraph 1 letter f GDPR and balanced against your legitimate interest of minimization of data collection, by us refraining from using this information for direct marketing purposes and the timely, automatic deletion of this data.

Storage of your data

As a tech company, storing your personal data in a highly secured manner is a matter of course for us. The servers where we store your personal data are in the European Union and file storage is encrypted. In case we transfer your personal data to business partners whose activity is outside the European Union, we make sure that they also respect the privacy of your data and act in a GDPR-compliant way, either by signing agreements or by referring to existing transnational legal treaties. If we store your personal data in local digital storage (e.g. company computers) and local non-digital storage (e.g. document files), we take the relevant measures to prevent unauthorised access alike. The duration how long we keep your personal data is also dependant on legal obligations (e.g. bookkeeping).


Cookies are small files sent to your devices to help our Services to recognize you and provide personalized features, such as your preferred language. While some of the cookies are essential for the functionality of the website, some are used for statistical purposes to gain deeper insights into the usage of our website. We use this information for example to try to tailor the user experience to your needs by providing more relevant content, answering the questions you might have.

We inform each user about the use of cookies, the first time the website is opened from a browser. No non-essential cookies get placed at this point. So, opting out of non-essential cookies is set as the default. Only after you agree to non-essential cookies the website will place them (active opt-in). You also have the option to deliberately disagree with the placement of non-essential cookies in our cookie settings and through this stop displaying the cookie banner. Then, however, an essential cookie storing this cookie preference will be placed on your device.

You can always return to the cookie settings and change your preference regarding cookies.

Many browsers let you prevent storing new cookies, delete cookies already placed on your device or disable cookies completely. Please review the help menu of your browser to find out more about the options for restricting cookies and how to set them in place in the specific browser. To take advantage of some of the TrapSensor Services we recommend you to leave cookies turned on, as some aspects of our Services use cookies to function.

Your rights to the Personally Identifiable Information Alert House processes

Right to access and data portability

Upon request, we will, after a reasonable time to process your request, provide you with all Personally Identifiable Information that we hold about you.You have the right to receive your Personally Identifiable Information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, so you can retain and reuse your Personally Identifiable Information.

Right to rectification

You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Personally Identifiable Information you submit to us. Incomplete or inaccurate information may affect your ability to use our Services and our ability to contact you. For example, your email address should be up-to-date, since that is one of the main ways in which we communicate with you and the primary manner our customers choose to get notified by our Services.

In case you find the Personally Identifiable Information Alert House ApS is collecting about you is inaccurate or incomplete please contact us by mail ( or phone to have your data revised, corrected and/or completed. Our goal is to let you update or delete the information at any time. In some cases we may ask you for your identity verification before implementing your request for updating your personal information.

Right to erasure and restrict processing

If you decide to delete your account for our Services through the settings in your user profile, all Personally Identifiable Information that you gave to us in regards to this account when registering for it and adjusting the settings will be automatically deleted.

In order to delete all Personally Identifiable Information that we collect or to restrict processing of this data please send us an email to We might ask you to verify your identity before implementing your request for erasure or restricted processing of your Personally Identifiable Information.

Automated decision making and profiling

We are convinced that the concerns you contact us with deserve the attention of one of our employees and thus we are not using mechanisms for automated decision making and profiling.

No Information from Minors Under 16

We strongly believe in protecting the privacy of minors. TrapSensor Services are designed and meant for use by adults. Persons under 18 may use our service only under parental guidance. If you are under 16 years of age, then please do not use or access our Services at any time or in any manner. We will take appropriate steps to delete any Personally Identifiable Information of persons less than 16 years of age that has been collected by us without verified parental consent upon learning of the existence of such Personally Identifiable Information. If you are under 16 years of age and want to use our service with verified parental consent, please contact us via this email address so that we can send you further instructions.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Alert House ApS may modify these or any other additional policies related to our Services, and we recommend to check these Policy periodically. We will post notifications about updates of these or additional policies on our website.

We hope that you found our Privacy Policy clear and informative. In case you have further questions or remarks, please reach out to us by sending a mail to