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The traps

Remote monitoring rodent
trap system

  • Electronic rat and mouse snap traps
  • Effective kill bar & strong springs ensure a high kill rate
  • Teeth to keep a catch in place
  • Accessory: patented "Teeth Clip" to clip onto the metal kill bar
  • Fits into all standard bait stations
  • Sensor reports on 3 states (ready/ no catch/ catch)
  • Works anywhere without a base station
  • (NB-loT, LTE/CAT-M1 + 2G fallback option)
  • Rechargeable or battery-driven (3x AAA lithium batteries)
Remote monitoring rodent trap system

Technical specification





Expected battery life time

Trap mechanics

Trap sizes

Temperature range

Protection rating

NB-IoT, LTE-Cat-M1 (with 2G fallback)

SIM card built in

4x AAA lithium (rat version), 3x AAA lithium (mouse version)

Lasts for 2+ years (depending on usage)

Well-tested snap traps

Standard, fit in most bait stations

From -25 to +60 °C

IP67 (waterproof up to 1 m of submersion)

TrapSensor Mouse
TrapSensor Rat

The system

User-friendly online interface & app

Immediate notification-min

Immediate notification when the trap shuts

Status reports-min

Summarized, scheduled status reports for all traps


Alerts when action is needed (low battery or no connection)

Mobile app-min

TrapSensor mobile app (Android/ iOS)

web or mobile app -min

Look up the status of traps anytime (web or mobile app)

Scalable manage-min

Scalable: manage any number of traps, technicians and customers


Integration possibilities upon request

Real time reports about catches

Transparency for your customers. Analyze efficiency and adjust your approach based on data.

Real time reports

Teeth Clip on every TrapSensor –
level up your snap traps!

Every TrapSensor comes with the Teeth Clip clip-on teeth for snap traps, which makes any snap trap more lethal for rodents. Large rats are known to be able to escape a standard snap trap, even with the perfect hit of the metal bar. The Teeth Clip adds teeth, weight, and stiffness to the metal bar, ensuring a higher kill rate when rodents get hit.

  • Teeth: The plastic teeth of the Teeth Clip serve to distribute the force of the hit over a small contact area between trap and rodent. Additionally, the teeth can prevent an affected rodent from escaping the trap in case it survives the hit. The teeth are not sharp enough to cut the skin of the rodent.

  • Added weight: 18 grams of metal built into the Teeth Clip serves to increase the impulse of the hit, and thereby make it more lethal.

  • Rigid plastic: Snap traps equipped with rubber tubes have a flexible kill bar, because the ends of the metal kill bar are not welded together. The Teeth Clip makes the kill bar completely rigid and inflexible and thereby more lethal when it hits a rodent.

Teeth Clip

Teeth Clips also fit onto any standard rat kill trap and can be tested upon request. The Teeth Clip has been designed to improve the performance of any standard rodent snap trap. Just write to us, if you’re interested in increasing the efficiency of your rat traps!


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